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Susan stattam

In 2007, the Salas Serrano family acquired this small family factory, which originated in 1989, in order to continue making canned vegetables from the Ribera del Ebro and quality prepared dishes. 
Our main objective has always been to choose indigenous products of the highest quality and make them by hand, thus obtaining preserves worthy of the most exquisite palates.

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We have 3500 m² facilities distributed in factory, warehouses, offices, cameras, common areas, laboratory and workshop. Committed to making our work a safe, comfortable and productive environment, we strive to adapt all the means that are within our reach to achieve the best environment. We also have vans with which we can personally deliver to our closest customers.

Mutual respect, camaraderie and trust make our team a solid pillar on which to base our foundations. 
A team willing to give everything of itself that has managed to form a small great family in the workplace.

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